I’ve found this session useful and now feel more relaxed

Many, many thanks for your time today which I greatly appreciate. My head is spinning with thoughts and ideas! I will be in touch soon.

I can make things happen

Your advice and support has been invaluable and I very much hope I can work with you again in the future. The journey to my current position has been both unexpected and rather bumpy and I doubt I would have survived it so well without your support.

I’ve boosted my confidence today

I felt the benefits of your coaching very quickly last week as I went straight into a business planning meeting feeling more aware of my role as adjudicator between the team of programme managers and senior management. You also gave me much food for thought regarding professional/private boundaries.

Amazing session – really glad I came. It was a big eye-opener and incredibly useful

Every individual I spoke to after their session was absolutely buzzing with renewed energy and focus; testament to your open and considered conversations and incredible experience.

(Feedback from a conference organiser)

A fantastic opportunity – it helped enormously in career development

I received genuine enthusiasm and encouragement – really helpful

It reminded me of my positive achievements

After one ‘brief coaching’ session

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your kindness and wise counsel you gave me at the MMA conference. Life is full of challenges and I feel much stronger now and am focussing on my tasks ahead.

It’s a great chance to focus on career goals


I wanted to say a huge thank you. I wouldn’t have been able to propel myself forward without such sympathetic, clear advice and encouragement. I had felt really stuck. (feedback after one professional development mentoring session)

Marion has signposted me to employment opportunities and careers I had not thought of

From just one session, I already have more confidence, motivation and guidance and have made immediate changes.

Marion has recommended taking voluntary positions to gain new skills and experience and boost my CV

I am so indebted to you for helping me to see that I was indeed capable of seeing a positive landscape and for achieving new things. Your support was/is invaluable.


We thought you facilitated the day really well – with just the right amount of informality and flexibility balanced by leadership in order to achieve our objective. We all feel we’ve benefitted from the day, stimulating the debate on the structure of staffing. The day was well guided, with a light touch, and everyone felt very comfortable with your approach. We’ve come away with a clear idea of what we need, and we’re all in agreement.

Marion is outstanding, she really knows her stuff and mastered the room. She has helped me to analyse my teaching and approaches and find solutions to problems that affect my every-day teaching life

Great day, perfect pace, lovely atmosphere. Very good opportunity to focus on key important issues – the core underpinning of who we are and what we do

Fab and very useful – great ‘feel’ to the day

Good day for reflecting both personally and as part of a wider team

I appreciated the handouts which I can use in the future to see how far I have come

Very good to get to know others better and hear personal reflections from people at all levels

It was a fantastic workshop and our instructor (Marion) was professional when handling delicate personal topics

Marion reads the room really well, I was expecting it to be a fraught negative session but it was very positive, engaging and supportive
So pleased that I travelled far for this CPD session


Many thanks again for your work on this project. It made all the difference!

(Music for Youth)

I really enjoyed reading the Women Conductors evaluation and have shared it round the office here.  I had a meeting last week to talk about the next stages and we will certainly be drawing on some of the learning from your report.

(Arts Council England)

Many thanks Marion for helping out with the session at short notice yesterday. Also, I do appreciate your suggestions and references for taking the programme to the next level

(National Institute for African Studies)