At the 2016 MMA Conference I was asked to lead a session entitled ‘Maintaining a high profile for music in my school’. We looked at the importance of music for its intrinsic value and the evidence of the wider impact it can have on our students and the whole community. We discussed how we could put our case with conviction given the landscape of proposed changes in the National Curriculum with the EBacc and the marginalised creative subjects. We acknowledged
There have been numerous tributes paid to Sir David Willcocks who died in September. I’ve enjoyed reading these as they often include personal memories and anecdotes from former students who have gone on to lead illustrious careers as professional organists and singers. Many were his students at King’s College Cambridge where he was Director of Music from 1957-1974 or at the Royal College of Music where he was Principal from 1974-1984. And there have been witty reminiscences too especially of
Looking for a seat to grab a quick lunch before the start of the Highbury Grove School/NYO Inspire project, I sat down in the school canteen and immediately got into conversation with three NYO violinists. They were friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic about the prospect of working with the combined Year 8 at Highbury Grove during the afternoon. I shared my enjoyment of the recent NYO concert at the Barbican Centre (John Wilson conducting an ambitious Elgar and Respighi programme) and
You’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re nearing a T junction. Your Sat Nav has broken and you’ve been meaning to sort it out. You approach the junction nervously and then what? You could go right, left, straight ahead, come to a halt and procrastinate, or turn back. All these options are possible but you’ve decided to venture ahead and try a few different routes before reaching your destination. Phew! Coaching or mentoring, or a