The T Junction

You’re driving along a road at night in an unfamiliar location and realise that you’re nearing a T junction. Your Sat Nav has broken and you’ve been meaning to sort it out.

You approach the junction nervously and then what? You could go right, left, straight ahead, come to a halt and procrastinate, or turn back.

All these options are possible but you’ve decided to venture ahead and try a few different routes before reaching your destination. Phew!

Coaching or mentoring, or a mixture of both can be of great benefit for those who feel that they’ve reached a crossroads in some way.


Examples include:

Needing to make job applications but not knowing how to write an appropriate CV

Researching employment opportunities

Mock interview practice

The art of networking

Time management

Lacking confidence for an existing or future role in an organization

Challenges in the working environment

The requirement to manage others but lacking training or experience

The pressure of living up to others’ expectations

Addressing the ‘inner’ critic

On the poverty line and not knowing how to change the situation

Being taken for granted in the workplace

Feeling isolated

The conflict between the desire to be creative and addressing practical living needs

Lack of routine for the self-employed

Needing strategies to build resilience and recover from adversity

Managing stress levels


I’ve included a range of issues here that clients frequently bring to sessions; some are practical, skills-based, psychological, emotional, and some might have short or long term solutions. The route may appear obvious but sometimes it’s more appropriate to take a detour before getting there or a slower road.

With my vast experience across the arts and education, I can offer sector-specific advice and feedback as a mentor. As a coach, I work across all sectors and support clients in reflecting on their issues and taking responsibility for their career path. I’m supporting them professionally to develop their inner Sat Nav!