As an external independent facilitator I discuss the structure and process of the workshop or away day with the client in advance, and research and plan with sensitivity regarding the culture of the organisation. During the event, I help to manage the process whilst the participants concentrate mainly on the content of the tasks or discussions.  Solution and action planning for the future are always included, and feedback and evaluation are also vital components.   (Testimonials)


Examples of sessions include:

  • Departmental away days
  • Focus groups
  • Board meetings
  • University and conservatoire ‘mock’ interview group sessions
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) days
  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Seminars
  • Workshops exploring thoughts and ideas
  • New term: new team meetings


Recent workshops and seminars I have devised:

  • Blow your own trumpet – a seminar on CVs, careers and connections
  • Continuing my journey – a workshop for new graduates exploring the ‘toolkits’ they might need
  • Music and the mind – exploring potential as a performer and teacher
  • Teabag Leadership – you can’t tell the strength of a teabag until it’s in hot water!
  • Promotion in the Arts – what are the issues that might be impeding our personal and professional development?
  • Scaling the leger lines of my career – career progression in the music profession