As a mentor I work with sixth-formers, university students, and new graduates through to experienced educators and performers, senior managers and chief executives offering professional guidance in the fields of the arts and education.

Drawing on my professional experience and range of previous senior roles in music education, orchestras, venues and broadcasting, I focus on the aspirations of the clients and can also signpost them to particular areas they may find helpful for broadening their outlook and vision. Testimonials

Though I may offer advice I also bring coaching elements to mentoring so that the client is able to reflect on and own any decisions that she/he makes.

Sessions may focus on some of the following issues:

  • Feeling ‘stuck’
  • Getting onto the career ‘ladder’
  • CV writing and the job application process
  • Interview practice including role play where appropriate
  • Gaining professional contacts
  • Effective communication with colleagues
  • Moving into senior management
  • The immediate issues versus longer term strategy

As with coaching, sessions are confidential and a contract is agreed in advance, including scheduling and frequency of meetings, commitment to the process and financial arrangements. Clients may make individual approaches or may be recommended by their organisations.

Sessions are conducted in person preferably, or by phone or Zoom and are usually 60-90 minutes in length.  I also offer shorter taster coaching sessions at conferences and events, with the aim of giving delegates an insight into the process and a perspective on any  personal or professional issues they might bring

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